Figmachine (Figma to React)

Convert Figma designs to React code (React Native and React Web/Next.js)

Convert a Figma drawing to React code

What is Figmachine (Figma to React)?

Figmachine (Figma to React) converts a Figma drawing (a frame) to React code (React Native and React Web/Next.js).

It leverages Figma’s excellent component system, so it allows you to structure your app in a logical way. Currently, this tool is better at structure than pixel-perfect design.


  • Tools:
    • [x] Web UI (you’re using it now!)
    • [x] API (contact me!)
    • [ ] Command-line
  • Formats:
    • [x] React Native support
    • [x] React Web/DOM (Next.js) support
    • [ ] Plain HTML support?
  • Output:
    • [x] Absolute positioning
      • [x] Options: Be able to disable absolute positioning and get only margins
    • [x] Nested sub-components
    • [x] Sizes in % not px (if set to 'Scale' in Figma)
    • [x] Avoid duplicate child components
    • [x] Make sure ellipses are round…
    • [x] Options: export in em/rem units (not px)
    • [ ] Bug: duplicate definitions e.g. "<TemplateButton className='TemplateButton' />"
    • [ ] Respect Figma layer visible/hidden (hidden = don’t export)
    • [ ] Button and Input components (just name your layer 'button' or 'input')
    • [ ] Exporting SVG shapes for: line, vector, regular_polygon, star, boolean_operation
    • [ ] className’s in lowercase
    • Styles:
      • [x] Fills
      • [ ] Borders (incl. dotted)
      • [x] Text styles
      • [x] Text styles missing bug
      • [x] Figma Autolayout -> Flexbox
      • [x] Box shadows

Figmachine (Figma to React) v2.4.0 – Created by @tomsoderlund at TomorroworldContact